‘DaeSeob Han’s music contains very emotional and innovative musical elements. He applies a variety of techniques for the new expression of tones in his works. It is impressive that he comprehends all of the instruments and their combinations very well and expresses his own color with a surprisingly subtle orchestration. The audience will be able to hear his own musical language in his works.‘

- Meetingpoint Music Messiaen -

Under the influence of avant-garde and sensitive style, such as Debussy, Stravinsky, Takemitsu, Lachenmann, and Sciarrino, Han pursues a delicate and exciting timbre, and also expresses modern sensibility through the colorful timbre created by layering of various sounds and rhythms.

Han studied composition at the Hochschule für Musik FRANZ LISZT Weimar, and earned Vordiplom, Diplom K.A., and Konzertexamen. He won various composition competition, such as University competition of music schools in the Federal Republic of Germany, Camillo Togni International Composition Competition Italy, Molinari International Composition Competition Canada, including the 1st and Audience Awards in the Weimar International Compositions Orchestra.

In addition, Han’s music has been invited and performed by various music festivals and performance society including Donaueschinger Musiktage for young composer, ISCM World Music Days Estonia, Pan Music Festival, ACL Japan, Hwaum project festival, Meetingpoint Music Messiaen Symposium, ACC - Symphony for Asia, Volkshaus Jena Philharmonie, Eisenach Nationaltheater, etc.